Born in Mazatlan Sinaloa, México. Yuri is a Painter and sculptor. From an early age he was attracted to art, at the age of 6 he won his first painting competition, which woke up the beginning of a passionate international career.

Yuri has become an icon of art worldwide. He has participated in more than 250 exhibitions around the world in cities such as; New York, Paris, London, Milan, Moscow, Dubai, Athens, Verona, San Francisco, Miami, Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Santiago and Mexico City, among other.

Located in Guadalajara, where his studio is located, San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City.

Some nights when I am deeply asleep a message arrives in my dream and makes me wake up immediately while I whisper to hate what I am going to tell you. Take a deep breath until you manage to wake up your inner teacher and in turn he manages to wake up the universe that lives around you. There are two universes; he who created you and he who created you; because thoughts are the raw material that builds our dreams. That is why when I am painting myself in a fantasy and little by little I am imagining when the truth is feeling the pleasure of telling a lie. That's when the magic is generated in that instant of creation that's where that information is obtained; something similar to clairvoyance: that is the clear evidence that shows that your world has the ability to see other worlds and transform ours. Therefore art must be unique, letting ourselves be carried away and being ourselves. This way you will get those messages from the universe that always arrive because they are there but if you believe in them the universe is filled with you. It is our decision to choose our thoughts of perfection and wisdom because they will feed your body. If you make art touch you with your emotions you will feel: but if you touch it you will heal. The will is the first soldier to reach the battlefield when war is to face yourself. Thus you will achieve victory; which is the only battle that ends when you realize that you are deeply in love with you.


"I am"

One day the God of love who had never loved turns to the earth and just then a beautiful woman looks up at the sky and at that moment, he falls in love with her.

Go down to earth and try to convince her to love him but she rejects him because she is committed to another. Then he realizes that being a God could do anything in life unless he is loved.

With his powers he builds a huge cage to enclose his love and spend days and days unable to catch him until he realizes that he is the one who lives in there, dying of jealousy because she loves another.

He needs to take out that love he had never felt and that is consuming his soul. His passion is so great that he decides to steal his love. Then wait for the moment to catch her in the middle of the forest, tangle her in his arms and squeeze her to his chest and say, just close your eyes and listen to my heart. The beautiful woman's body starts beating so hard that something prevents her from escaping and begins to yield to the spell of her arms. He will take her to that tree where he saw her for the first time and where he swore he would make love to her there.

At that moment he knows that he could have his body but he wants even more and he knows that on the way to the tree there is a magical pond and there he will ask for his soul.

All the inhabitants of the forest know that being reflected in that magical pond gives them what they ask for but also asks them something in return and will be what the pond wants but the irrational passion he feels for the woman prevents him from thinking and asks the pond for his soul and he still doesn't know it but the pond will take away the power of being God.

She still in his arms looks him in the eye and says "It's you" and at that moment she falls in love and answers I AM.

- Yuri Zatarain -

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